Prickeree Pines Gamebird Farm's
2008 Price List
All Birds are priced by pair and are for year 2006 hatch
All birds are from NPIP approved birds

Call Ducks
Butterscotch                            $50-100
Chocolate                               $50-$75
White Crested                         $100
White                             $50-$75
Wild Waterfowl
Mandarin                         $50
White Mandarin               $125

Shipping Rates:
Due to the fact every shipment we have goes through Detroit, we have a $1 per pound surcharge and here are the shipping rates due to that:

1 pair $50
2 pairs$65
3 pairs$80
4 pairs$100

We currently do not have any problems shipping to any location so here are the 2008 rates.