The Call Duck Encyclopedia
Welcome the wonderful world known as the call duck.  Once you start raising these little critters, it will become difficult not to double or triple the number that you currently keep.  Here are some wonderful articles and links that are a must for any call duck enthusiast.
The Wonderful Little Call Duck
Butterscotch Calls (Peaches and Cream in UK)
Ashton Waterfowl's 2 pages
Page One.
Page Two
Pastel Calls (Apricot in UK)
Bantam Pond by David Touchette
Chocolate Call Description
Acorn Hollow Bantams by Lou Horton
Handling Hatching Eggs
Butterscotch Call Description
Conditioning for the Showroom
What to know before purchasing Calls
Common Waterfowl Ailments
Importance of Grit and Calcium in Waterfowl
Hatching Waterfowl Eggs
Crested White and a Crested Chocolate
Building an Extreme Call Duck
Call Duck Color Descriptions
National Call Duck Breeders of America
Raising Call Ducks in the South
Selection and Breeding
Conserving Incubation Space
Natural Incubation of Call Duck Eggs
Chocolate Male Call Duck
Longshadow Farms - Daphne Mays
Frequently Asked Questions-Care, Housing, and Incub
Winter Care
Line Breeding
Ducklings that Flip Over - How to Fix
Helping the Hatch
Phallus Prostration
Prolapsed Ducks
Angel Wing
Medicating Ducks
Perfect Diet for Calls
Snowy Call Duck Trio
Phelps Waterfowl - Jeff & Janet Phelps
Incubation Tips
Duckling Care
Using a Broody Duck Hen
Chocolate Male with a Crested Chocolate Hen
Faith Valley Waterfowl - Pickard Family
White Crested Calls
Brief History of the Call Duck
Gray Call Duck & Standard examples
New Beginnings Waterfowl
Waterfowl Feed
Shagbark Bantams - KJ Theodore
Asking For Help - where to
Leg Injury
Oyster Shells
The Many Uses of OXINE
Crusty Duck Head - How to Cure
General Care
Increase Hatching
Injectable Medications
Blue Fawn Trio
Butterscotch Calls (Peaches and Cream in UK)
History of Calls
Feeding Adults and Care
Feeding Ducklings
Egg Problems
Waterfowl Diseases
British Standards 1999 Page 2
British Standards 1999 Page 1
Worms - In US use Levisole
Wet Feather
Call Duck Association (UK)
The Help Line and General Information
British Non-Standards
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Snowy Call Ducklings
White Calls
Wonders Waterfowl
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Duck Care by Cornell University
Basic Duck Care
Duck Health Care and Diseases
Duck Nutrition
Duck Housing and Management;
*Includes great Brooder info
How to Ship Adults and Eggs
Candling Eggs - how & what to do
The Easy Chicken - By Scott Shilala
How to Avoid Sickness in your Flock
Gray Call Trio
Incubating Your Eggs
Hatching Pictures
Relative Humidity & Chart
Shipping Adult Birds
Raising Calls for the Jr. Breeder
Ideal Call
Shipping Birds
Khaki Call Pair
Penciled Call Hen
Raising Ducklings and Goslings
Pied Call Duck
Line Breeding
White Call Ducks
Call Duck Housing
How To Cage Train for Shows
Needed Waterfowl Feed Supplements
White Crested Pair #2
Ducks For Fun - United Kingdom
Check out their colors under Call Ducks
Gray Call Hen
White Crested Pair #3
Feathersite's Call Duck Links Page - Great Pictures
The British Call Duck Club
Health, Illness, & Medication
Feature Article
British Colors and Standards
Spot Call Male
Please email me any links that you find helpful in raising call ducks or any new call duck site that you come across, and I will be sure to check it out in order to constantly improve this site.
Thank you
Conditioning Waterfowl
Evy Avery's Picture Page
Gray Calls
Pens and Enclosures